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Talk to Car Care Evolution about your wheel alignment today. We can combine our fully qualified expertise and knowledge with our local understanding of the driving conditions in the Malaga area to not only make sure your wheels are aligned correctly, but to confirm there are no underlying issues with the technologies behind the wheel that keep you safe on the roads.

Car Care Evolution have the skills and equipment to perform Wheel Alignment in Malaga and the surrounding areas, fully backed by an extensive nationwide warranty to give you real peace of mind. Read more about Why only qualified technicians should perform wheel alignment procedures here. 




When should I get a wheel alignment?

If you notice your car tends to drift a little while driving, the tyres are wearing unevenly, there is excessive vibration felt through the steering wheel or the steering wheel is not centred despite you driving straight ahead, you may be due for a wheel alignment. Your manufacturers handbook may also recommend you have your wheels aligned at set driving intervals and even if you don’t “Feel” you need one it is a good idea to have a Car Care Evolution mechanic check anyway.

Maintaining the wheel alignment on your car is an integral aspect of its overall maintenance and upkeep. However, this very important step is often ignored or skipped until the first symptoms of poor wheel alignment show up in the form of ruined tyres. Here’s some common signs to look out for…
• Uneven or accelerated wear on the edges of your tyres
• The steering has a “mushy” feel or has become less responsive.
• If your car’s steering wheel pulls to one side.

What is a wheel alignment?

A wheel alignment is a process whereby a qualified Car Care Evolution mechanic performs precise measurement of the wheels of your car, relative to the road and each other. The mechanic then adjusts the wheels based on these measurements to ensure your wheels are parallel with each other and correctly oriented with respect to the road surface.

Put simply, the term “wheel alignment” refers to how well the wheels on your vehicle are aligned relative to each other, as well as to the centre line of the vehicle. While alignment settings can differ between manufacturers and models, all vehicles are designed to deliver precise steering and braking responses - but only if the wheel alignment angles are correct for that vehicle.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment
• Increased fuel economy.
• Prolonged tyre life.
• Braking and steering response is improved.
• Straight-line tracking is improved, and driver fatigue is reduced since the overall driving experience is improved.


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Why is a wheel alignment important?

Improperly aligned wheels will impact your ability to control your car effectively, causing a slight pulling to one side or the other. On the surface this problem may not appear too troublesome. The reality is that misaligned wheels place extra strain on your suspension system, which in turn can affect your braking ability in addition to your steering. Suspension and steering systems are crucial to your ability to stop safely in case of an emergency.  They may also impact your ability to perform hard steering manoeuvres should you find yourself having to avoid an obstacle in the road.

When a car requires a wheel alignment and you ignore the problem, your tyres will wear unevenly, particularly on the outside treads. This further compromises the safety of your vehicle as good tread patterns not only provide correct braking ability, they are critical in channelling water from under your wheels in wet weather and preventing hydroplaning. Misaligned wheels will also place more strain on your suspension system, which could cost you a lot more in the long run if the problem goes so far as to create a failure somewhere in the suspension. 

My wheels were properly aligned when the car left the factory. Why should they need realignment?

Being in contact with the road while you drive, your wheels endure a great deal of punishment during the normal operation of your vehicle. Your shock absorbers and suspension system ensure that only a fraction of this punishment is felt within the car as you drive. Constant vibration causes general wear and tear on your wheels, while such common mishaps as hitting pot holes or knocking your wheels on curbs or roundabouts or simply driving on rough or bumpy road surfaces can gradually force your wheels out of alignment.

Misalignment of wheels can happen so gradually that you may not even notice the problem but you will almost certainly notice the difference once you have had a wheel alignment from Car Care Evolution. Our Malaga workshop is well equipped to perform wheel alignments and all our Auto-Tech trained mechanics work is fully backed by the comprehensive Repco Authorised Service Nationwide Warranty.  

The four main angles that need to be considered for correct wheel alignment

Toe (or tracking) - wheels can be pointing in or out and can lead to unpredictable steering response

Thrust - the angle that the wheels point in relation to the car's centreline and each other. Misalignment can lead to the car not driving straight

Camber - helps tyres maintain optimal contact with the road for turning and driving. Misalignment will cause the car to pull to one side 

Caster - tilting of the wheel steering axis. The angle needs to be the same on both front wheels or the car will pull to one side and/or it will require more effort to steer the car

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When it comes to wheel Alignment in Malaga you can always rely on the mechanics at Car Care Evolution to Set You Straight. 

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